Early this month, Sunaka Jewelry had a privilege to collaborate with one of Seminyak’s prominent eating places; Batik Restaurant and Bar. The collaboration happened as we have mutual admiration towards Indonesian heritage, Batik, which will be featured as Sunaka Jewelry’s campaign in this September.


With theme “Casual Daily Lunch”, @debbywulandari_ and @gunganita posed for Sunaka Jewelry’s limited collection in Batik Restaurant. Limited collection of Sunaka jewelry features various gemstones including red garnet, blue topaz, moonstone, and many other, while Batik pattern and motifs of Batik Restaurant accentuated each frame taken. Tatiana Anggita, our in-house stylist, together with Agus Kurniawan and Dewa Angga (in-house photographers) worked on their magic to create beautiful lookbook photos. Thanks to Mr Danu as restaurant manager and the whole crews, we felt welcome and had a super fun photo-shoot session of our jewellery collections in Batik Restaurant and Bar.

Here’s the full coverage about the hype place.


Situated on buzzing street of Seminyak, Batik Restaurant and Bar is unarguably a perfect eating-place for those looking for a homey place to eat.  The ambiance is subtle, fresh, and clean with white colour dominating the area. As you can easily guess based on its name, Batik Restaurant adopts the beauty of Batik pattern and philosophy into their main theme and interior concept then combined with colonial style. Almost every corner and every detail are decorated with batik, from pillow case, wall decorations, stairs, to menu list. As we stepped deeper into the first floor, three large mirrors behind the bar steals our attention.  The part separating one mirror to another is surprisingly made of copper stamps used to produce Batik stamps. They were arranged beautifully with some greens to give a fresh impression.


On the right side of the bar, some jars of wood and square-shaped wax were exhibited. They were not displayed simply on decoration-purpose only. These woods and waxes are ingredients needed on the traditional way of making Batik. Woods are for natural dying technique, and waxes are for manually drawing Batik motifs.

Batik Restaurant and Bar has two floors with separate concepts. The first floor is more into Colonial and Traditional Batik, on the other hand, second floor is the blending of Colonial style with pop art Batik. Lunch and bar centres on the first floor, while second floor focuses on evening time. Mr Danu gave us a tour into the whole area and explained every bit of details, which we didn’t notice at first.

Before gliding up towards the second floor, the stairs appeared to have its own charm. It displays various Batik pattern of archipelago. From Batik Parang of Yogyakarta, to Batik Mega Mendung of Cirebon, all is beautiful and iconic. Don’t forget to take your picture on this instagram-able spot, dear #wanitanusantara!

Second floor offers you a less-crowd area and it perfectly suits those who needs a private dinner or birthday celebration. This particular floor has three highlights of interior, including pop-art styled picture of girls in Batik, wall decoration made of canting, and two mannequin ladies dressed in Batik gown by Ali Charisma (notable Indonesian designer). The three decorations gives a modern vibes towards the area, making it’s so chic yet classy.




Speaking of the food, this is where South-East Asia really stands out! Indonesian, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisines are Batik Restaurant specialities. After the photo-shoot has done, we ordered courses based on Mr Danu suggested early.  Thai chicken red curry, Chicken Kung Pao, Steam Barramundi are among the menu we chose. All in all, the winner of dine is Steam Barramundi. The fish was tender and soft in taste, contrast to its dressing sauce which rich in taste. Together they blends harmoniously in mouth. Steam barramundi which served together with rice and sautéed vegetables will give you a sense of comfort for both tongue and stomach. For refreshment, Passion Juice is what we had. It is made of several tropical fruit blending together.

As if we hadn’t had enough already! We chose ‘chocolate volcano’ as final course a.k.a. dessert. It was beautifully plated which consists of a chocolate cake with a melting chocolate sauce inside, served with one scoop of vanilla ice cream. Another favourite!


While other eating places opt to bring foreign style into their interior, Batik Restaurant and Bar is one of few restaurants exhibit Batik as Indonesian’s pride. This distinctive feature and their finger-licking dishes will surely attract any food lover to come back to this lovely place. So make sure to put Batik Restaurant and Bar into agenda for your next trip to Seminyak.




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