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Sunaka Jewelry is a Bali Silver Jewelry shop located in Celuk Village, Bali, Indonesia. This company was established in 1979 as Ketut Sunaka Silversmith, as the founder is I Ketut Sunaka himself, with Ni Wayan Sri Sulastri, his wife. This business was started in a room transformed into a shop to showcase jewelry designed and made by I Ketut Sunaka. As time passed by, order from various countries kept coming until end of 1990, when Ketut Sunaka Silversmith had employed more than 50 silversmiths around Celuk Village.

In 2009, this company and business of Ketut Sunaka Silversmith is passed on to the son of I Ketut Sunaka, Kadek Ganda Ismawan, who is now managing this business with his wife. To deal with the global competition in silver and gold jewelry business, Sunaka Jewelry always tries the best to innovate and grow bigger, in order to maintain this business.


In 2014, brand of Ketut Sunaka Silversmith is rebranded into Sunaka Jewelry, a Bali silver jewelry shop with tagline of “Fine Contemporary Bali Jewelry”. This tagline has shown the vision of Sunaka Jewelry to only produce the finest quality jewelry with “contemporary” model adapted to the latest trend, but still show off the Bali identity.


Sunaka Jewelry is located in Celuk Village, Bali, which is well-known for its silver and gold craftsmanship. In the past, silver and gold jewelry was often used in the religious celebration and among the royal family. We will always do the best to produce only the finest and elegant silver and gold, to preserve this heritage from our ancestors, to be passed on throughout generations.


Since 2014, Sunaka Jewelry has launched various collections strongly related to Bali and Indonesia as a whole. In these collection designs, the greatest inspiration comes from the society, and will be presented back to the society, particularly Bali and Indonesia.

Some of our collections are: Padma Acala, Kembang Harum, Langit Katulistiwa, Tamiang, Getokan, Tridatu, also Ombak Segara and Batik Indonesia which turns out to be our newest collections. Each of the collection consists of earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories, brooches, cucuk, etc.

All jewelry produced by Sunaka Jewelry are made with modern technique and technology, in order to bring out the finest quality with ethnic and modern features, contemporer designs, and valuable materials of gemstones and silver.


One of our newest collections is Ombak Segara Collection, which is inspired by the ripples of the waves in the ocean of Segara in Kuta, Bali. The technique used to make this collection is traditional one called “Bun Jawan”, which denotes a combination of filigree and granulation methods, a special characteristic of the art of silver in Celuk Village, Bali.

Besides Ombak Segara, we also have Batik Indonesia as one of our newest collections. This collection is inspired by batik patern around Indonesia, particularly Batik Kawung and Batik Parang patterns, as the representative from batik diversity across Indonesia.

This collection is brought to life through the ancient technique in traditional silver making history called “Bun Jawan” (which denotes a combination of filigree and granulation methods) and “Gergajian” (a method where the pattern drawn on the metal alloy is cut by a special metal blade). Both techniques need special attention, patience, and caution from its silver craftsmen, to produce a high-quality, elegant, and beautiful silver jewelry.

Everything I have bought from Sunaka Jewellery has been beautiful and if there is a problem they fix it straight away.

Teresa McCarthy