Asoka: The Exquisite Piece

Asoka: The Exquisite Piece


As one of largest jewelry retailers in Bali, Sunaka Jewelry has revealed its latest collection of jewelry, Asoka. With latest 3D technology and strong design, Sunaka Jewelry successfully brought an idea to make fine pieces of jewelry collection, called Asoka. The launched of Asoka collection is also marking upcoming New Year, in hope of health and prosper be among us. 


This latest jewelry collection is specially designed in 18K gold plated and dazzling touch of zirconia stones to serves taste of all multicultural and multinational customers. A true shopper’s pleasure, Sunaka Jewelry will enthral customers by exhibiting eye catchy designs of Asoka collection that range in various option of jewelry type. From statement to drop earrings, brooch to simple pendant, rings to chain bracelet, Asoka giving privilege to all jewelry enthusiasts from different parts of the world to flaunt at any occasion or event.


As we know Asoka collection represents jewelry sets, from pendant sets, necklace, chain bracelet, rings in flower inspired designs. Asoka collection is inspired from Ashoka trees which considered sacred by Hinduism. The tree will emit fragrant at night in April and May each year. This plant tree is often associated with love and holiness. The Ashoka is a rain-forest tree, which prized for its beautiful foliage and a fragrant flowers. Ashoka flowers come in heavy, lush bunches. They are bright orange-yellow in color, and turning red before wilting. Later, adopted the joy, warmth, enthusiasm, and enjoyment of Ashoka flower petals, Sunaka Jewelry craved and assembled each piece of it with fine jewelry making technique. This new collection is set to mesmerize the customers for its beauty and uniqueness.


To find Asoka collection is very easy, with three stores, different marketplace, and easy online shopping, Sunaka Jewelry reaching its customers jewelry needs and now hoping, everyone is rejoicing and exciting to welcome this new collection. Enjoy our excellent service and guarantee on every transaction. Make yourself the happiest person by wearing Asoka collection. (ES)

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