Ayung: Natural Rustle on Silver Jewelry

Ayung: Natural Rustle on Silver Jewelry

When nature is your biggest inspiration any style will never turn out wrong! We believe this statement is agreed by most of you, right? When it’s coming to design idea, Sunaka Jewelry put forward nature on the top of every option.

Denying nature beauty is a biggest sin to every jewelry enthusiast. In every collection, Sunaka Jewelry tries to bring every aspect of nature beauty to set a high level of perspective to present intricate design of silver jewelry. In order to complete that mission, we bring Balinese longest river beauty, Ayung, into Sunaka Jewelry collection that named after Ayung River itself.

Ayung Collection inspired by the rippling water above the river, and the beauty that surrounds it. The rippling water was later adapted as the filigreed part of the jewelleries, while the 22 carat gold ornaments, with irregular patterns that accompanies them symbolizes the beautiful, yet inconstant movement of the water itself. Together with Sunaka Jewelry, Ayung Collection aspires to remind their beautiful wearers of Mother Nature’s beauty.

Like usual, to meet your style, Ayung came in various type of jewelry such as pendant, rings, and earrings. There is something different on this collection, yes threader earring. This new in style is adapted to Ayung collection and came up with two different size that is very light and adorable to use. Bead pendant on this collection we believe will be a future trend to contemporary Balinese silver jewelry. Manage to warp complex design into simplicity, this bead pendant will be statement of pride on your look.

Here we also want to share all good vibes from behind the scene of Ayung’s campaign. Jane Virak, a young talented model from Russia brought all the fun to set. She personally think that Ayung will be a trend. “This is a very special piece of jewelry, we should wear it special too” she said.

We have answered your curiosity, what it’s like to be able to brought natural scheme within you. Be glam, spark the light, and get ready to celebrate fluidity, because you can’t put style in a box! Ayung sure will be loving and bumped up your look! (es)

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Muse                    : Jane Virak (@jane.virak)

Photographer     : Agus Kurniawan (@aguskurniawan), Sri Riastuti (@sri_riastuti)

Brushed               : Tresna Jaya

Writter                 : Eliza Saudale (@elizasaudale)

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