When Butterfly Sparks Forever

When Butterfly Sparks Forever

Have you ever wonder, a beautiful butterfly stays silver with colorful stones adorn your daily wear and be the center of attention? Yes, we can make it happen. Let me introduce you to Sunaka Jewelry’s newest collection; Butterfly collection. The delicate figure of butterfly has been emerged as a trend for quite sometime especially this year as one of 2017 animal pattern forecast. Who does not love animal especially butterfly which embodies many unique colour, glowing when flapping her wings? Needless to say, butterfly is the key inspiration behind Butterfly collection.

Butterflies’ special place in human culture branch from the fact that they have used their wings not only for flying, but as a canvas for some of the most striking patterns in nature. It symbolizes changes and transformation as it grows to a magnificent creatures. The process of evolving from worm, cocoon into butterflies has the most attraction itself that different from other animal and has made butterflies an object of admiration and inspiration.


Daily routine activity such as working, makes most of people stylize themselves to boost they mood and energy at work. The same principle also rules for those people who go for meeting with friends or just shopping. It is true, that looking good by being stylish and neat gives more self-confidence and well represent. The intricate details of  Butterflies collection design for those who wear casual outfit with natural colors, for example cream, white, black, and pastel palette. Or a casual style like white top and jeans might give a look of modern yet ethnic. Because it is made from silver and additional of red, yellow and blue stones on its wings of butterflies design. The detail of Jejawanan technic, has its own uniqueness presenting Sunaka Jewelry’s identity

For which style you want to have on your look, we gives you several sets of Butterflies collection of  both formal and casual style. 

For this month of Ramadan, it is a perfect time for you to wear this collection and do mix and match with reputable local clothing-line named Heaven Sent , they have selections of Muslims wears like dress, tops, bottom and hijab. Choosing variants of soft colours like cream, rose gold, navy, black, white , gray and many more.


Shop our collection online via Sunaka Jewelry website, Facebook or Instagram. We have special offer for our customer so choose the item you like and let the butterfly lands on your body and sparks.

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