An Inside look of Sunaka Jewelry Internship Program

An Inside look of Sunaka Jewelry Internship Program

Last month we welcomed four college students of Institut Seni Indonesia – Yogya Regency, into our office and got them involved in the day-to-day running of the company as interns. These four undergraduate students are majoring in jewelry design thus they were placed in Jewelry Design Department in Sunaka Jewelry, which is one of the core departments.

Meet Khory, Monica, Wangi and Zhazha. With stunning portfolios, they were accepted into Sunaka Jewelry internship program and these four got the chance to demonstrate their educational knowledge beyond the lecture hall. They also managed to finish a project designing jewelry collection. From brainstorming an idea to bring it up into a jewelry design, from doing a manual sketch of the design to creating the 3d model in computer, from choosing the perfect gemstones to crafting the jewelries into its final form. All of which were done in one month and under a direct supervision of Kadek Ganda Ismawan, Sunaka Jewelry’s CEO himself.


When asked on why choosing Sunaka Jewelry to get their internship experience, Monica Wijaya personally said “Bali has a very distinct technique in jewelry-making called Bun Jawan, and Balinese type of earrings called Subeng is one of kind. Even in Indonesia. As one of the Balinese silver Jewelry leading brand, it’s my advantage to get into Sunaka Jewelry to learn more about Bun Jawan and Subeng.” Awwww…. thank you for the kind words Monica.

Here are some highlights of being an interns at Sunaka Jewelry:

  1. Design + Inspiration

“As soon as the program started, we were expected to pull out some ideas of two distinct concepts in order to make two separate jewellery collections. The concepts are Sahaya and Suka, with Sahaya correlates to glams of gemstones added in jewellery collection, while Suka is more into geometrical design. Khory and Sza sza were put together to collaborate designing Sahaya Suka Collection, while Suka collection is my responsibility together with Wangi. ”


  1. Sketch with 1:1 Scale

“Each jewelry designed must be sketched out on paper with 1:1 scale, meaning the actual size of jewelry. We faced some difficulties in drawing the intricate details of jewelleries to which we consider it rather small compared to our usual.”

  1. 3D Design with Matrix

“To get the actual form and shape of jewelleries, the sketch is then made into its 3D form. A program called matrix is used. An in-house 3D designer, Komang Arik, taught us some tips and trick in mastering Matrix”

  1. Choosing Gemstone

“Last thing we do before the process of making silver jewelleries is choosing the right gemstones. Two crucial factors that we need to consider are; the stone should not be misshapen and it should not too heavy or oversized. Besides, type of gemstone is supposed to be relatable and matching to the theme of Jewellery collection.”

  1. Silver-Jewellery Making Process

“The process of making silver jewellery includes five general steps starting with making the initial shape, then welded, installing gemstones, washing, followed with oxidation process and lastly finishing process. These pack of process requires special skill which cannot be mastered over a short period of time, which is why we got a lot of help from Celuk local silversmiths.”

Sunaka Jewelry Internship programme offers you to use what you’ve learned, expand your knowledge and benefit from invaluable on-the-job experience. Get your curriculum vitae and stunning portfolios ready and send them to us at:

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