Inside Pande’s, Teruna Teruni Bali 2017, Leisure Time

Inside Pande’s, Teruna Teruni Bali 2017, Leisure Time

Enjoyed her leisure time, Pande, the first winner of Teruna Teruni Bali 2017 spent her time at Sri Ratih Cottages Ubud. Spoiled herself all day, she got an unbeaten moment!

Served as Teruna Teruni Bali 2017, Pande Dwi Sinar Maheni is followed by several activities. Starting from activities related to social, education, even cultural. Dense of activities didn’t make her forgot to have her self-appreciate time. Thursday, November 16, 2017, Pande choose to spend her leisure time and ‘escape’ from her activities as a role model Bali young generation. Yes, her choice to leisured at Sri Ratih Cottage is the right choice.


Nestled on the lush outskirts of Ubud, Sri Ratih Cottages is a pristine boutique hotel known for its stylish modern Balinese design, tranquil atmosphere, and the warm hospitality of the staff. The spaciously set out rooms surround the inviting turquoise waters of the swimming pool which sits at the center of well-kept tropical gardens. Guests can sample mouth-watering far eat the restaurant, Sri Ratih Café and Jewelry or take advantage of a spa treatment spa for optimum relaxation at the Sri Ratih Spa. Sri Ratih Cottages boasts 30 rooms, appointed with locally-sourced Balinese furnishings and artworks with a natural timber and stone accents to maintain a comfortable ambience in the midst of the tropical heat. From Sri Ratih Cottages, guests can easily reach the restaurants, galleries, shops and city attractions like Gunung Lebah Temple, Campuhan Hill ridge walk, Ubud art market, Ubud Palace and Monkey Forest. The provincial art village of Penestanan is just a 10 minutes’ walk away from Sri Ratih Cottages.


Room at Sri Ratih Cottage

Lulled in comfort, beauty, and allure offered by Sri Ratih Cottage, Pande finally bind her heart to release her bushed at Sri Ratih Café and Jewelry. Various menus are offered by this cafe, but her choices are fall on the Roasted Mahi-Mahi Oven and Pandan Kaya Mouse as dessert. Richness of Indonesian flavors are reflected in both dishes, but wonderful presentation escalates both dishes to international level. While waiting for food to be served, Pande dispensed her reading hobby by sat and relaxed nearby the pool. Not long after, Pande’s eyes were pulled by the beautiful Sunaka Jewelry outlet which happens to be located near the cafe.

Delicious Roasted Mahi-Mahi Oven by Sri Ratih Cottage Resto

Pandan Kaya Mouse


Sunaka Jewelry is well known for its contemporary yet modern design that uplift the beauty of Indonesia, specifically Bali. This is the main reason why Pande fall in love with this brand and become one of Sunaka Jewelry loyal customers. This time Pande chose the collection of Kembang Harum. Kembang Harum is one of Sunaka Jewelry’s favorite collections. Inspire from Frangipani, these collection reflects beauty along with leaf strands, combined with Garnet and Peridot stones. Each leaf is adorned with a fine texture of granulation, made with the “Jejawan” technique, one of the hallmarks of silver art in Celuk Village, Bali. The elegant collection of Kembang Harum features lot of fine detail, it’s very compatible to complement appearance with various styles, colors, and combined with casual or formal dress.

Pande visited Sunaka Jewelry outlet at Sri Ratih Ubud


Detail and friendly service of Sunaka Jewelry’s staffs made Pande easily decided which silver collection of Sunaka Jewelry that suit her while sitting and relaxed at the restaurant. Once satisfied with the collection of Kembang Harum that she chose, Pande pulled out a box of lather-made from Sunaka Jewelry that she always brought along. This box allows Pande to keeps silver collection from Sunaka Jewelry that she has. Immediately with alacrity she kept her new silver jewelry collection of Kembang Harum Flower that she bought into this light brown leather box with the logo of Sunaka Jewelry.

One of Sunaka Jewelry’s SPG assisted Pande


In the evening Pande is ready with a series of other activities as Teruni Bali 2017. Wearing a collection of Kembang Harum, she pulled out this beautiful silver jewelries from jewelry box Sunaka Jewelry. This box makes Pande easier to keep her Sunaka Jewelry silver collections. “This jewelry box is very useful to store my Silver jewelries neatly. It easily to carried, and very fashionable.” she added. (*es)


 Shop our collection at or visit our outlet on Sri Ratih Cottage at Jl. Campuhan 1, Penestanan Kelod, Ubud, Sayan, Ubud, Bali, 80572


Muse: Pande Dwi Sinar Maheni

Location: Sri Ratih Cottage, Ubud

Writer: Eliza Saudale

Photo by: Kurniawan Agus and Sri Riastuti

Stylist: Tatiana Anggita






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