The Inspiration and the Making of Ombak Segara Collection

The Inspiration and the Making of Ombak Segara Collection


Bali is a world-famous island for its beaches. Back then, people first destination is the beach around Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, until today people love to go to Petitienget and Canggu beach for enjoying the scenery of the natural wonders and the fresh weather. Lots of people like families, friends, couple and professional surfer love to have their good times playing with the fantastic wave. All people from around the world never get bored with Bali, instead they keep visiting Bali whenever they got a free time for refreshing.

Whenever we travel to Bali, we are looking for a place to stay or a place to enjoy our meal that has a view with Beach and it is a plus if we can tuck our feet into the powdery white sands and pamper our eyes with the sight of wave. The wave that make us feel comfortable just from the sound, feel thrilled by the moving of the waves so we can enjoy more with our companion. Beach is the right place to hang out on holiday, it is a perfect place to get tanned, reading books, playing with sands, take a nap and when it is time to get touch by the crystal clear water, just run and get the freshness quick from the waves.

Inspired by the ripples of the waves in the ocean of Segara Kuta, Bali. Sunaka Jewelry launched a jewelry collection of Ombak Segara. As reflected by its name, this collection features the sensual and casual scrolling of waves, indicating a strong yet beautiful characteristic from each of the jewelry made

The technique used to make this collection is a traditional technique called “Bun Jawan”, which denotes a combination of filigree and granulation methods. This traditional technique is a special characteristic of the art of silver in Celuk Village, Bali.

Are you a silver fanatic? Or otherwise a gold lover? Or rose gold? Choose any colours as your personal preference and explore the ranges we have for Ombak Segara collection incuding : necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, brooch and hairpiece. It is a perfect collection to wear either on a casual wear or formal. With an elegant design combined to intricate details, Ombak Segara Collection will give a statement towards your style.


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