Many of us still believe with some old mouth to mouth facts about jewelry and most of us didn’t know the real facts, but lucky you, today’s blog will reveal the truth about some jewelry fact.

#1 Pearl can be solved with Vinegar

Completely wrong!

Pearls can indeed be dissolved using vinegar, but that takes a very long time. What’s more, pearls must be destroyed first, so they can be dissolved with vinegar.

Mutiara Mandalika White Mabe

#2 Biting Gold to Check the Authenticity

Yes, it is a fact.

Pure gold will leave bite marks. But, you should be careful, because tin typically leave bite marks also. So, some irresponsible people often paint tin in gold colour to deceive buyers. Therefore, this method is not recommended beside there are so many fake gold and also biting gold potentially damage gold physical appearance.

Source: SUNSRI – House of Jewelry Museum

#3 Opal Bring Bad Luck


In ancient times, Roman considered opal as a carrier of luck. Then, people began to regard opal as a symbol of misfortune and bad luck. But now, we know Opal as one of the precious stones. In fact, Black Opal is considered a very rare valuable item and very valued.


#4 Diamonds are Indestructible

That’s totally a myth!

Diamond is solid gem. Only diamond can break or scratch another diamond. But, diamond can be cracked if we do a wrong handling.

 #5 Diamond Valued from its Colour

Really? It’s not a real fact!

Some say blue diamond is the type of diamond that has the highest value compared to others. But the value of diamond is not only determined by the colour, but also determined by clarity (cut), cutting, and carat weight (weight).

#6 Gold has Many Colours

Myth! There is only one gold colour!

Nowadays, we know that there are three different colour of gold, yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. And now, black gold is on trend. But, real colour of gold is yellow. To create other shades, gold should be mixed with other metals.

 #7 Diamond is Very Rare to Find


Some diamonds with certain colours are very rare and hard to find, but diamonds in general are not so rare. As recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records, the rarest stone in the world is Painite. (es)




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