Kania, Swimming, and Her lust to Culture

Kania, Swimming, and Her lust to Culture

Though the modernity encircles her, 19 years old Kania stand out and declare her lust to the beauty of outmoded! 

Triumphant a silver medal and breaking her own national backstroke swim record at Sea Games XXVIII, became a proud achievement to Anak Agung Istri Kania Ratih Atmaja. How not, at that time she was only 17 years old!

Her decision to relocated from Bali to the Capital City of Jakarta, bear something sweet. Several stunning achievements happen after, even, she is tout as the future swimmer of Indonesia. Tan burned skin, typical swimmer brown hair, and swimsuit stain that attached on her body are the prizes that she has to pay for every achievement. Starting from her excitement on swimming at age 6, she ends up loving it.

A.A Istri Kania Ratih Atmaja

To leave Bali, is one of her hefty burden. Cultural differences certainly glance at. But all modernity offered by the Capital doesn’t make her endearment to Indonesian culture turn gray. What’s considered as outmoded by young generation today, she considered it as splendor. Batik is one of Indonesia cultural heritage that she likes best. In fact, her visits aboard for competition doesn’t always mesmerize her. She, herself prefers to visit Java compare to overseas and she eager to explore further traditional buildings around Indonesia. Massive development in Indonesia nowadays, really concerned her. Most Indonesians themselves aren’t showing proud to their nation. Its pitiful she said, when other of her foreign friends out there really passionate to know more about Indonesia. As a woman Kania holds this principle that every woman should be able to accomplish more in their life, acknowledge their achievement, and believe that they can be whatever they wanted to be. Because for Kania herself, everything in this world is possible.

Keong Emas Ring

Choker and Studs

Welcoming this new year Kania did something unusual. Yes, she out from the water and be a model. Along with Sunaka Jewelry Kania shows her feminism. Donned on green turquoise dress from Lilola Bali (@lilolabali), she transformed from athletic Kania into the sophisticated Kania. She is really a pertinent look for Sunaka Jewelry upcoming new collection. Featuring the elegance, beauty, and toughness of every silver carving and structure, the new collection of Sunaka Jewelry reflects Indonesian women’s personalities. Adopted from Indonesian folklore of Keong Emas, this new collection combines silver and gold into a fascinating art of jewelry that not only reflects outer beauty but exudes beauty from within. And when Kania stepped into Sunaka Jewelry gallery, her eyes catch on Gajah Sumatera collection. Small subeng lead her choice, in the end she ended up with the whole collection. Small subeng of Gajah Sumatera fits her casual look on its own traditional way. Like she once said traditionalism is powerfully able to escalate every women beauty.


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Muse: Anak Agung Istri Kania Ratih Atmaja (@pocahontaskania)

Wardrobe: Lilola Bali (@lilolabali)

Fotographers: Agus Kurniawan, Sri Riastuti

Stylist: Tatiana Anggita

Writter: Eliza Saudale


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