Orchid: Ready to Swing Christmas

Orchid: Ready to Swing Christmas

One, two, three, Orchid is ready. Celebrating Christmas in her own style, Orchid share her little tips to enhance your Christmas look.

It’s the most beautiful time on the year, everybody said. Its Christmas and yes, December always be everyone favorite month. Joy, glam, peace, serenity, beauty, and fun shown in today’s photo shoot with Orchid Estefania Blanco. This beautiful young lady ready to give us sneak peak of her look welcoming this wonderful December. Down with Sunaka Jewelry collection and Saish the Label on her wardrobe, Orchid looks stunning all the way down.

Now, let’s see Orchid’s look.

Cream satin garb, glowing brushed touch by Ayu Savitri, and double layer neckless from Sunaka Jewelry collection, made Orchid’s looks beyond words. Perfect combination of pendants from Hammer Permata and Jawan Bunga collection, create such a chic double layer necklace. And yes, from this look, we can celebrate Christmas on a confessional look, but stylish and dashing yet modern look.


Akin to her name, she dressing her inner beauty in deep purple dress with self-tied ribbon just like a bloom Purple Orchid flower. Purple is a perfect color picked for Christmas. Showing elegance and pride, purple stands up Orchid’s medium light skin color. Low v-neck shape of the dress make it  Orchid facile to adornment her look.

Let’s move to Orchid’s jewelry mix and match choice

To beautify her finger Orchid’s choose to combine three layer of Hammer Permata collection with zircon, pearl, and tourmaline gemstones and also she added double layer Jawan Lilit and citrine Hammer Permata ring collections. Glam on her finger cover the simplicity of her dress. In another option, she combine double layer ring from Sunaka Jewelry Hammer and Hammer Permata collection in splendid gemstone.

Hammer Permata

Peridot Hammer Permata and Hammer Ring

For the necklace, Orchid’s idea to combine two different collections of Sunaka Jewelry is worth to try to create a double layer necklace. On one picture Orchid’s combine three pendants in one chain. She picked two small size of Jawan Bunga collection and add medium size of Jawan Bunga collection pendant at the center. This create more volume to full her bare neck. In other hand, Orchid’s suggestion is to combine Hammer Permata and Jawan Bunga pendant. Orchid’s awe-inspiring idea to create this type of necklace is a match, considering double layer necklace is such a trend for modern women nowadays.  Last, her mix and match idea is to combine small and medium size Jawan Bunga collection and create her own double layer with double pendants style of necklace. The rectangle shape of Jawan Bunga pendant really reflected a beauty trend and fits with v-neck dresses.


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Muse: Estefania Orchid Blanco

MUA: Ayu Savitri

Stylist: Tatiana Anggita

Wardrobe: Saish The Label

Writer: Eliza Saudale

Photographer: Agus Kurniawan, Sri Riastuti


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