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Sunaka Jewerly’s Guide to on Budget Valentine

Valentine’s is coming within two weeks, who’s ready? As we live by tradition, celebration of Valentine’s Day is a very common thing for people around the world, different cultures have developed their own traditions for this festival. In some parts of the world Valentine's Day is observed as a day for expressing love between family members and friends, rather than that of...

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Ayung: Natural Rustle on Silver Jewelry

When nature is your biggest inspiration any style will never turn out wrong! We believe this statement is agreed by most of you, right? When it’s coming to design idea, Sunaka Jewelry put forward nature on the top of every option. Denying nature beauty is a biggest sin to every jewelry enthusiast. In every collection, Sunaka Jewelry tries to bring every...

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Sang Ayu Chandra Kasih, Glam Her 9 to 5!

You’re interested in fashion and developing a personal style but often find yourself having to obey a strict office dress code, we’ve got a solution for ya! You can still create a stunning and attractive look! Completing your office-related duties can feel overwhelming and daunting at times, but feeling good in what you wear is the only step to a happy office...

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Dazzled by Young Butterfly

Can you guess what kind of animal is most of young girls adore so much? Well, if ‘Butterfly’ has just crossed your mind, congratulations you’re right! With ambitions to lift our Butterfly collections, we aim to expand the market by introducing our products not only to adults, but younger girls. Let us share you an exciting campaign we did this summer! A...

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