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Dazzled by Young Butterfly

Can you guess what kind of animal is most of young girls adore so much? Well, if ‘Butterfly’ has just crossed your mind, congratulations you’re right! With ambitions to lift our Butterfly collections, we aim to expand the market by introducing our products not only to adults, but younger girls. Let us share you an exciting campaign we did this summer! A...

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Bhinneka: A Glimpse of Wider Diversity

Keeping up with our commitment to release exclusive and innovative products each month, this time we are pleased to present you that our new collection of Bhinneka.   Bhinneka itself is a Sanskrit word from the book Sutasoma used for Indonesian slogan of Bhineka Tunggal Ika, which means unity in diversity. Moreover, Bhineka means variety where as we know, Indonesia consist of thousands...

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Steven Bushby: He Choose to Be A Part of Silver Jewelry Heritage

Starting to choose to be Sunaka Jewelry business partner will be a tremendous journey for you. We have been work with several people, by bringing them a beautiful silver jewerly from Bali, we also help our partner to provide different type of unique silver jewelry to meet their customer satisfactions of desire to get to know about one of Indonesian cultural...

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Step Up Your Look With Ethnic Touch

Ethnic in elegance. This phrase reflects a new collection of Sunaka Jewelry entitled Emas Perak very well! Its 2018 and Sunaka Jewelry is trying to improve in many aspects, one of them is Sunaka Jewelry committed to launch new collections every month. Through that commitment, Sunaka Jewelry is please to launch an alluring collection of Emas Perak, and we guarantee your March...

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The Picks for Your Nearest and Dearest

Symbolizes the affection to each other, February has always been a month full of surprises. Perhaps February is the month that everyone is looking forward to. How’s not? When it comes to February, unique gifts, romantic dinners, marriage proposals, and many memorable things happened. Welcoming the cheerfulness and gentleness of February, following are some Coming with unique technique of silver making called...

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A History: Valuable Gem

  As long before, human already familiar with the use of jewelry. Not only in silver or gold but also, they bedazzle their self with jewelry made on precious stone, animal skeleton, or from plants. In ancient culture people have their own belief on gemstone as a sign of their appreciation to gemstone itself. In pre-historic era, knowledge about gemstone cultivation only...

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