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The Picks for Your Nearest and Dearest

Symbolizes the affection to each other, February has always been a month full of surprises. Perhaps February is the month that everyone is looking forward to. How’s not? When it comes to February, unique gifts, romantic dinners, marriage proposals, and many memorable things happened. Welcoming the cheerfulness and gentleness of February, following are some Coming with unique technique of silver making called...

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A History: Valuable Gem

  As long before, human already familiar with the use of jewelry. Not only in silver or gold but also, they bedazzle their self with jewelry made on precious stone, animal skeleton, or from plants. In ancient culture people have their own belief on gemstone as a sign of their appreciation to gemstone itself. In pre-historic era, knowledge about gemstone cultivation only...

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Kania, Swimming, and Her lust to Culture

Though the modernity encircles her, 19 years old Kania stand out and declare her lust to the beauty of outmoded!  Triumphant a silver medal and breaking her own national backstroke swim record at Sea Games XXVIII, became a proud achievement to Anak Agung Istri Kania Ratih Atmaja. How not, at that time she was only 17 years old! Her decision to relocated...

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Orchid: Ready to Swing Christmas

One, two, three, Orchid is ready. Celebrating Christmas in her own style, Orchid share her little tips to enhance your Christmas look. It’s the most beautiful time on the year, everybody said. Its Christmas and yes, December always be everyone favorite month. Joy, glam, peace, serenity, beauty, and fun shown in today’s photo shoot with Orchid Estefania Blanco. This beautiful young...

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Inside Pande’s, Teruna Teruni Bali 2017, Leisure Time

Enjoyed her leisure time, Pande, the first winner of Teruna Teruni Bali 2017 spent her time at Sri Ratih Cottages Ubud. Spoiled herself all day, she got an unbeaten moment! Served as Teruna Teruni Bali 2017, Pande Dwi Sinar Maheni is followed by several activities. Starting from activities related to social, education, even cultural. Dense of activities didn’t make her forgot to...

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4 Best Jewelleries for Your Balinese Ceremony

Every women has their own way to be beautiful, especially in every Balinese ceremony. Wearing Balinese traditional costume with sparkles of  jewelry that makes them stand out. Here are 4 best jewelries for your Balinese ceremony.   Kupu - Kupu Collection It is perfect for those who loves colour, Butterfly collection combine with a colourful zircon diamond that perfect for any occasion with any...

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