The Picks for Your Nearest and Dearest

The Picks for Your Nearest and Dearest

Symbolizes the affection to each other, February has always been a month full of surprises.

Perhaps February is the month that everyone is looking forward to. How’s not? When it comes to February, unique gifts, romantic dinners, marriage proposals, and many memorable things happened. Welcoming the cheerfulness and gentleness of February, following are some Coming with unique technique of silver making called Geplak (hammer), Hammer Permata collection can be your perfect choice as a gift for your beloved one in its simplicity. Of many types of gems that adorn Hammer Permata collection, our choice comes to Hammer Permata Garnet Stone ring and necklace. The name “garnet” comes from the Latin word “Garanatus,” meaning “seed-like,” in reference to a pomegranate. Small garnets look like the bright red seeds you find inside in a pomegranate. Greek mythology explain, a pomegranate is referenced as a gift of love and is associated with eternity. This belief popped out since Hades had given a pomegranate to Persephone before she left him to ensure her speedy return. Because of that reason Garnet is also symbolizes a quick return and may be given to a beloved one before embarking on a trip, as it is believed to heal the broken bonds of lovers. Garnet’s virtues have been long believed to include passion, true friendship, fidelity, success, self-esteem, loyalty, devotion, energy, faith, consistency, and truth. The stone also sharpens your perception of yourself and other people. Nowadays, Garnet remains as a gift of love and is traditionally given for the 19th anniversary of marriage. It may also be used as a gift for two-year and six-year anniversaries.

Hammer Permata Garnet Stone

Let’s move on from something light to something more ‘heavy’. Our second option fall on Ombak Segara Rose Gold Dangle Earring. Inspired by the ripples of the waves of Segara beach in Kuta, Bali, Sunaka Jewelry launched a Bali collection jewelry of Ombak Segara.

As represented by its name, this collection features the sensual and casual scrolling of waves, indicating a strong yet beautiful characteristic for each of the jewelry made. This collection brings out Bun Jawan technique, which denotes a combination of filigree and granulation methods. This typical technique is a special characteristic of the art of silver in Celuk Village, Bali. Rose gold color that added to this earring and its dangling shape, transform traditional perception of silver crating in modern way. Will be 100 percent sure that your beloved one will have breathtaking look in this earring! (es)

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