Sang Ayu Chandra Kasih, Glam Her 9 to 5!

Sang Ayu Chandra Kasih, Glam Her 9 to 5!

You’re interested in fashion and developing a personal style but often find yourself having to obey a strict office dress code, we’ve got a solution for ya! You can still create a stunning and attractive look! Completing your office-related duties can feel overwhelming and daunting at times, but feeling good in what you wear is the only step to a happy office life.



Cause the recurring question of ‘what to wear at work’ is pertinent from Monday to Friday, why don’t you take a deep breath and put your creative fashion minds to work? Put aside all the deadlines, angry bosses, or many other depressing stuffs at work. You need to stop dressing boring to work! Here are Sang Ayu Chandra Kasih secrets to rock her 9 to 5 day at the office!

V-neck Black Dress with Jawan Keliling Blue Topaz collection

Jawan Keliling set on Garnet gemstone

Wearing black is often showing formality to your office look. Slim fit black dress with low cut on neck is one option to a “can’t-deny” look that would wow your co-workers! As an addition, touch of Jawan Keliling necklace, chain bracelet, and middle size stud earring in blue topaz gemstone will add some perfection to your look. For your information, it’s not too much to wear your jewelry collection to office, it is just a perfect ingredients.

Jawan Keliling Blue Topaz Pendant

Jawan Keliling Amethyst

What about being modest and classy at the same time? Brown-goldish sack dress is the choice! Modest design on the dress will have you twirling down the hallways. You also can match it with Jawan Keliling simple necklace, hoop earring, and a ring. Shinning green quartz gems will make a statement of peace and serenity, it also perfectly stood out and blend to the brown-goldish dress.

Goldish Sack Dress with Jawan Keliling Green Quartz collection

Jawan Keliling Green Quartz Bracelet

Now you have your recipe, start mixing all the ingredients, and voila get a very best look with Jawan Keliling collection! (es)


Jawan Keliling now available on
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Jl. Jaga Raga No. 28B, Celuk, Gianyar
Sri Ratih Cottage, Ubud


Muse                          : Sang Ayu Candra Kasih (@sangayuchandrakasih)

Photographer           : Agus Kurniawan (@aguskurniawan), Sri Riastuti (@sri_riastuti)

Brushed                     : Ayu Savitri – @mochisavitri_makeup


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