Steven Bushby: He Choose to Be A Part of Silver Jewelry Heritage

Steven Bushby: He Choose to Be A Part of Silver Jewelry Heritage

Starting to choose to be Sunaka Jewelry business partner will be a tremendous journey for you. We have been work with several people, by bringing them a beautiful silver jewerly from Bali, we also help our partner to provide different type of unique silver jewelry to meet their customer satisfactions of desire to get to know about one of Indonesian cultural heritage, especially Bali.

We built this program to help our business partner to grow their business without the need to expand the resources, so they can continue to focus on their main business. By this program we also drive our partner to help us preserving Indonesian cultural of silver crafting.

Unik Home already have ride a three years of spectacular journey with Sunaka Jewelry, and we still continue the journey together. A short glimpse of Unik Home is retails and wholesales Indian hand loomed rugs, UNIK antiques, outdoor/indoor furniture and homewares sourced from Java. And now their expanding their market by selling silver jewelry from Sunaka Jewelry, Bali.

For this story, we want to share the experience of one our business partner, Steven Bushby, from Unik Home.

  1. What’s the core activity of your business?

I like to create, collect, and custom make UNIK (unique in English) pieces of furniture and homewares. I also sell Rugs direct from India.

  1. Why did you choose to become a Sunaka Jewelry business partner?

First time I saw Sunaka Jewelry, I was in love with the design and bought some pieces for myself, after I met Mr. Kadek, General Manager of Sunaka Jewelry, he showed me the whole making process of Sunaka Jewelry. And since I found Sunaka Jewelry has the same value with my company, which is unik (unique in English), I know that Sunaka Jewelry will be loved by my customers. Besides, the quality, design, and good service are the reason my I am sticking with Sunaka Jewelry.

  1. How does Sunaka Jewelry program help your business?

I am offering my customer an UNIK (unique in English) experience. Such an interesting shop and UNIK variety. I will try to franchise my business with the same template as here in my only shop so far, and I got offer from many malls to to repeat a store identical to mine. Sunaka Jewelry has the UNIK value that I can offer to my customer, so yes, Sunaka Jewelry helps me to fulfil my main goal, by giving my customer UNIK experience in shopping.

  1. What’s your secret for reselling Sunaka Jewelry collection?

Make the value proposition clear to customers and make sure Pronto’s services are a good fit for them.

  1. What challenges have you faced when selling Sunaka Jewelry and how did you overcome them?

 I had a customer who bought his partner a ring for engagement. They went back home to Melbourne. Later the stone fell out of the ring and the girl was very sad, she sent me the ring which I posted to Kadek and he repaired it and sent it back to me. That is service. The girl was overjoyed. That’s a great happy story.

  1. What have you learned from working with us?

 Well I’ve learned that communication, humility and correct information from both sides leads to a great business and people bonding. Our relationship builds each time I visit and connect, I now have printed info cards about the stones in the jewelry. My customers appreciate the knowledge I can impart regarding your product and the correct info on the stones use. I sometimes print out the card at request of a customer.

  1. What would you tell to other business man, that it is worth to join Sunaka Jewelry business partner program?

I would tell them if the high level of information, hands in service from the owner and that they should try a selection to see the reaction of the market.


No need a second thought, click and together let us preserving the beauty of Indonesian cultural heritage through silver craving.


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