How to wear Songket Collection like a Celebgram

How to wear Songket Collection like a Celebgram

Ever since Instagram rise to the top of social media, celebrity-Instagram or simply called as celebgram , emerges as world’s new cultural phenomenon. Not only do they alert us to exciting new designers, but they also give us ideas on fabulous outfit ensembles. Scroll down into their feeds then you’ll find them as the master of looking chic and feeling confident despite whatever fashion item they put on.

Most of us been wondering how they look so utterly perfect all of the time? Well, you aren’t alone. During this month’s editorial photo-shoot, Sunaka Jewelry teamed up with Mrs. Mahadewidevara to break down some secrets of wearing Songket collection like a celegram.  We dolled up the lovely Mahadewidevara into four distinct alter-egos; Elegant black, Glamorous Black, Classy white, Charismatic Red.


  1. Elegant Black

What’s not to love black? It’s classic and It creates shades of slimming body. Style a v-neck long sleeved dress with our hoop earrings and bold pendant from #SongketCollection, both in gold –plated. To let the earrings stand out, pull the hair back and set them sleek. Voila! You are ready to go and stuns the others.

What occasions: special events, formal party, and evening wedding reception.

  1. Glamorous Black

An off-shoulder black dress won’t run a chance to let others turned away from your presence. It’s simply a perfect choice to dress up for evening party. Set your hair into a low ponytail, adorn with Subeng (Balinese stud earrings), bangle, cocktail rings, and a large size of brooch, all of which in gold-plated. For the final touch, red lipstick is-a-must to accentuate the glamorous impression.

What occasions: evening party, and evening wedding reception.

  1. Classy White

Show off your cheekbones and stunning jawline with chandelier earrings. They will be the first thing anyone noticed within a direct vision. To assure your hair won’t distract, create feminine wavy hair texture then pull quarter part of it towards the backside, put the hairpiece to compliment it.  Combine the earrings with chain bracelet and band ring. These pieces could be just the thing to make the ordinary white dress outstanding and establish a high-class fashion taste.

What occasions: morning-to-afternoon event and garden party.

  1. Charismatic Red

When it comes to fashion, most people opt to play safe by wearing black, white and other neutral colours, but on the contrary, celebgram will always look stylish with bold colours. So, like the wise people once said, when in doubt, wear red! This colour somehow makes us feel strong and confident. Layer your outfit with gold-plated necklace, accentuate your face with a simple-yet-bold stud earrings (subeng), and finally add some bling on your finger with cocktail rings. Pull your romantic wavy hair into one-sided and bam! A charismatic red is on the way to meet her loved one.

What occasions: morning-to-afternoon event, cocktail party, and romantic dinner date.

To sum up the whole rules, remember to stick neutral or block colour outfit when wearing bright and detailed accessories. Our in-house stylist, Tatiana Anggita, personally advise to wear gold-plated Songket Collection with black, white and red colours. The inspiration of Songket collection which comes from the pattern of hand-woven Songket Bali, is creatively put into sophisticated silver and gold jewellery and will complement the beauty of anyone who wears it.

Photographed by Agus Kurniawan @aguskurniawan_dd and I Dewa Gede Angga Sitangga Putra @dwangga_

Wardrobe by Miniboo Hera @Miniglow_hera_fashion

Make-up and hairdo by Savitri @mochi_savitri

Stylist by Tatiana Anggita @ghitiegit

Copy Writer: Marcelia Ardianti Rukmini @seizysella

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