You and Your Jewelry

You and Your Jewelry

It’s bright and warm outside. Trying to look elegant and fresh at the same time doesn’t mean you have to wear too much colours or putting more colours on your outfit. Why not? Mix and match your jewelry with your day-to-day outfit by choosing modern style with Sunaka jewelry’s collection. Months ago we had our photoshoot with a collaboration with Ats The Label. It is a  daily-wear attire with chic cut and timeless to trends. The photo-shoot itself was done inside famous Bali-contemporer gallery of Tony Raka Art Gallery. Needless to say, it was an amazing collaboration for our collections. Let’s get to know more about it.


Tridatu Collection and Crème Top

This neutral colour is good for both white complexion or dark complexion skin or day time to night time. Tridatu collection is by far, the perfect match to give such a bold statement to this particular style. The combination between silver and red from the garnet stone, makes the jewelry stand out. Keep a simple hair style and let your jewelry shines your day.


Padma Acala Gold Pink Mabe and White top

White top from Ats the Label, gives a bright and clean energy, contrast to Padma Acala gold-pink collection.  Padma Acala itself, has exquisite details that already highlights the look. Remember to keep your whole look simple by wearing white tops with a minimalist cut. However, do not hesitate to do some experiment with your so-called “OOTD” by wearing Padma Acala Collection with a different style.


Padma Acala Gold White Mabe and red top


Red long sleeve top is a powerful colour for highlighting your day. Pair it with something gold, something luxury like Padma Acala Gold White Mabe then get ready to outshines everyone. Give detail a little bit on your pants, because why not? With nude color, or crème will be suitable for your whole look for a dinner time with friends.


Padma Acala Blue Mabe and metallic blue top


Dress up with one tone coloured with your jewelry. Yup, blue in blue, and turned out the silver is the highlight colour of the day. The metallic blue has its own detail. So, sleeveless outfit would be a no problem. A semi formal yet classy for your daily wear on lunch with all your friends or with your loved-one. Stay sparkling!




Jawan Keliling and Red and maroon tops


Red, again, is the best match for gold and silver jewelry. For this case, the photo above emphasizes that fact; a flame red is a perfect color for your silver jewelry. The elegant detail from your Jewelry makes the look stand our from casual into semi formal with a Sabrina tops or semi blazer top. With the hairdo, it could be perfect for your office wear on a formal occasion.




Capung and Warm Blue Tops

Any colour you choose will be perfect for silver, like for this Capung collection. I choose Blue for the tops. It gives a good combination of minimalist look and bright color for the day. A v-neck tops is a good idea for your necklace, and let the pendant be the center of attention.


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